June 25, 2018
From: Bill Phillips

The Greatest Camp Ever is all set to happen here at our Transformation Fitness and Research Center in Golden, Colorado on August 9, 10, 11, 12. There are scheduled workshops and workouts for 4 days. Only 38 spots are available in this camp because the focus is on helping each person get the education and individual guidance they need to succeed... while also having enough people in the group to make for a diverse and energetic Team to go into the future with. Individual success is 225% more with a Team. And this group is going to make for the best team ever. 

We already have 38 participants enrolled but life sometimes gets in the way of our best plans... I just learned over the weekend that we have two people who are signed up and just can't get the time off work to be here on those four days in August. They are committed and invited to come to a future camp. But the bad news is good news actually... good news for YOU perhaps. This incredible opportunity is being extended for two people who did not already sign up. And it is for someone who has done well with their workouts but has struggled with nutrition. I am looking for someone who knows what they should eat but has been derailed by old eating habits that won't cooperate.

Have you ever thought... my God... why do I keep eating wrong when I know that my transformation and maybe even my life depends on me eating right? If your answer is YES, it is YOU who this special camp opportunity is for.

If this seems like the right opportunity for you, write to me now: Bill@Transformation.com

We have done 75 camps so far over nearly 7 years here at the Transformation Center. Hundreds of people have made it here and gone through camp, and then they went home and changed their lives forever. They needed to know HOW to do it, and they put the plan into action and it worked. There are also people who got the same information but they went home and had some good days but over time, the old habits won and the new life and new body were put on hold. 

When the problem isn't a lack of information, sometimes we have to call in for reinforcements... we have to go to the world's leading expert on the psychology of eating behavior. There is a man I want you to meet and learn from. His name is Keith Klein. He is the founder of the Institute of Eating Management and for more than 30 years he has helped everyone from Mr. America to Miss Universe to the average Joe and Jane figure out what emotional and psychological issues need to be resolved in order for that individual to succeed. Keith Klein is an expert at clinical nutrition and he has been a pioneer in helping develop eating plans that support the recovery and prevention of heart disease, cancer, depression, and type 2 diabetes. Keith Klein is more than that though. He is called the "diet whisperer" around here... he is the Sigmund Freud of the psychology of eating behaviors. Keith Klein is here at our August Camp for four days of teaching and consulting. He will help you understand how to do it... how to get past emotional eating triggers and how to change deep subconscious patterns that derail so many people who try to transform.

The two people I want to come to the Greatest Camp Ever have to be folks who, like me at times, knows what to eat to be healthy but for some reason has trouble getting themselves to do what they know. IF this sounds like YOU please take one of these two last spots for this four-day fitness breakthrough camp. The camp fee of $2,995 is completely refundable if you are not very happy with what you learn and experience at camp. And you can grab this spot with a deposit today of $995. Your deposit is refundable for up to 3 weeks and that gives you time to work out the details and make sure your schedule will permit you to attend. 

If you sign up for one of these two very last spots, I will make sure you get a month of follow up consultations with Keith Klein (valued at over $500 but is yours free) so you can be sure to work through the obstacles in the way of your new body and life. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain. Are YOU the one this offer is written for? If it feels like I am talking to YOU, write to me and let's talk about this opportunity and we can help you decide if it is the right time and right camp for you.

Write to me at Bill@Transformation.com

NOW is the time to make a single decision that can change your entire life from this moment on. You are worth it. We can help you change everything but you have to take action now and say YES.

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